Are you tired of watching videos of the electron transport chain? 

Are you falling asleep listening to white people "rap" about the various complexes in the mitochondrial membrane?

Well, stop what you're doing and play this game!
In Powerhouse of the cell, you play an infinite runner where you're moving along the membrane of a mitochondria controlling what happens along each step of the electron transport chain.

Is that NADH? Not anymore! You just reduced it to NAD+!
Are you creating a proton gradient? You better be if you want to phosphorylate that ADP!

Powerhouse of the cell helps you memorize the various steps in the sequence of the electron transport chain by trial and error and teaches you the different reactions occurring because YOU have to make them happen!

Waiting in line for a coffee? Why not move some electrons towards complex 2?
Bored while your friend is getting hit on by everyone at a party? Bet they don't know how many protons are necessary to get that ATP Synthase moving!

Download it and give it a try. And then let us know how we can make it better!

keywords: electron transport chain, mitochondria, ATP synthase, proton gradient

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